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06 Giugno 2019

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Beer Bubbles festival

Beer Bubbles festival

The historic center of Palermo invaded by rivers of craft beers: three days of “Beer Bubbles” festival

#Chiediamoschiuma is one of the hashtags of the fourth edition of “Beer Bubbles”, the festival of craft beers that invades the historic center of Palermo for four days, from 6 to 9 June, from the Quattro Canti to the Arco di Cutò.

There is great enthusiasm around this new edition which hosts thirty craft breweries from all over the country and some from abroad. In addition to beers, the territory and the city of Palermo are great protagonists: “before being passionate about craft beers, we are citizens,” the organizers explain during the press conference. So in addition to enhancing the beers, the spotlight is also shining on the architectural beauties with the openings of the historic buildings of Via Maqueda Bassa and the guided tours organized by the tourist cooperative Terradamare.

A strongly growing sector is that of craft beers in Sicily, on which the Region and Ars want to invest as a driving force for the local economy that could stimulate and support jobs on the Island. The types of beer to be tasted are countless, but exceed two hundred, tapped directly into the glass / gadget that remains as a memory.

Spaces dedicated to breweries and some food stations are set up on the axis of Via Maqueda facing the station (again, there is an embarrassment in the choice, because you know the beer goes on everything, like salt, but that what counts is the combination), without neglecting the areas intended for concerts.

The breweries are thirty: eleven come from the three peaks of Sicily, three are from Lazio and three from Lombardy, two from Piedmont and the same from Umbria, one each for Abruzzo, Molise and Tuscany plus foreigners. The “Beer Line” project of the University of Palermo is also presented in “Beer Bubbles”.

Everything comes from the course set up and coordinated by Lorenzo Dabove, alias Kuaska – considered the greatest Italian Belgian beer expert, known for his commitment in promoting the craft beer of our country – frequented by the students of the STAL course (course of degree in Food Science and Technology), from researchers and university professors, who pursues in his training intent during six workshops during the Beer Bubbles at Palazzo Sant’Elia: the festival brewers participate, offering their experience.

The Via Maqueda will be closed to traffic and pedestrian for all four days from Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 June (stand opening times from 12 to midnight, except Thursday when the fourth edition is inaugurated at 17).

Admission to the Festival is free, the beers, strictly served on tap, have a price of 4 euros for an average of 40 cl and 2 euros for a small 20 cl. With the first tasting you can buy a screen-printed polycarbonate glass with the event logo at a cost of 2 euros, rinsing it after each drink can be reused reducing waste and protecting the environment.

The University of Studies will call four of the undergraduates and researchers led by Nicola Francesca, with the aim of creating a scientific support applied to the work phase in the laboratory and in the field at the breweries.

Beer Bubbles is organized by Bauhaus Ev, in collaboration with Extra Hop, with Official Carrier Trenitalia. Patronage of ARS, Cronache di Gusto, ‘t Kuaska Instituut, STAL – Agro-food Science and Technology, MoBi – Birrario Movement and Trinacria Homebrewers. Numerous sponsors have embraced the initiative which is already at its fourth edition: Gambino Moto, Sabrinella, Wall Street, Iam Pizza, Abitare – Viale del Fante, Casa Stagnitta, Prezzemolo & Vitale and Salmoriglio.

Via Maqueda (from the Quattro Canti to the Arco di Cutò) – Palermo
From 6 to 9 June 2019
From 12.00 to 24.00 (except Thursday 6 June, starting at 17.00)
Free admission with paid tastings (4 euros for a 40 cl average beer and 2 euros for a small 20 cl)
With the first tasting you can buy a screen-printed polycarbonate glass with the event logo at the cost of 2 euros

Source Balarm.it

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