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Night at the theater of Sicilian puppets

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17 Gennaio 2019

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Night at the theater of Sicilian puppets

Night at the theater of Sicilian puppets

Show “Farsetta Nofrio and Virticchio” at the Teatro dei Pupi
Night at the Teatro dei Pupi Siciliani Silver “Farsetta Nofrio and Virticchio” and “La morte di Agricane” – Show and aperitif. Teatro dei Pupi Argento family, via Pietro Novelli 1 in Palermo. Appointment Saturday 19 January 21 hours ticket 15 euros (children from 5 to 10 years 7 euros). Booking required.

Terradamare Cooperativa Turistica invites citizens and tourists to attend the evening shows at the Teatro dei Pupi Siciliani, Unesco’s masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity. Thanks to the Silver family, master pupari since 1893, you can watch the traditional performances of the Paladins of France interpreted by the Pupi craft built by the historic family, the same will tell the story of the ancient art of their family. To introduce the show in fact, there will be Mastro Argento, father of the puppets Nicola and Dario, who in addition to telling the story of his family, will retrace the history of the paladins of France, the differences of schools in Palermo and Catania, his commitment and the his children and grandchildren to keep the theater alive.

At the end of the show: aperitif based on products from local companies. Appointment Saturday, January 19 at 21, at the Pupi theater of the Silver family, in via Pietro Novelli 1 (in front of the Cathedral of Palermo), a small jewel of Sicilian artisan tradition, whose sets and puppets are made entirely by the members of the family of masters of Palermo puppets. Booking is mandatory, by contacting the following addresses.

The Silver Family, masters of puppets since 1893, spreads the history and art of Sicilian puppets, passing down the art of craftsmanship in the construction of the same and in the representation of the Works for five generations. Even today it maintains this tradition, the last remaining artisans: the models used in the representations are taken from their pups. In their theater the paintings painted by their ancestors are still preserved and with the same techniques are created scenes of the representations that are staged thanks to the help of the three sons and his wife.

A small theater of Sicilian tradition, housed in Palazzo Asmundo, in the heart of the historic center, in front of the Cathedral of Palermo. Still maintaining the craftsmanship tradition of the construction of the puppets, it is also possible to watch their work in the workshop located Corso Vittorio Emanuele 145. The Teatro dei Pupi Siciliani of the Silver Family still shows the works of the paladins of France and many original shows, inspired by the tradition and the stories of Sicily.

Where: Teatro dei Pupi Siciliani Argento Via Pietro Novelli, 1
When: From 19/01/2019 to 19/01/2019, 21 hours
Price: 15 euros
Additional information: Event for children
Source: Palermotoday.it

The story of Sicilian puppets in Palermo tells heroic deeds, stories, stories and legends of a land that has experienced the invasion of different populations, the Arab Palermo as the Norman Palermo are the testimony.
Historical events that have marked the city transforming it today into what is defined as one of the most beautiful cities in the world … Palermo.
We at the bed and breakfast Federico Secondo are pleased to welcome you in our b & b in Palermo a few steps from the cathedral of Palermo, comfortable rooms and a rich breakfast await you for a stay at the king in Palermo.

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