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Itinerary "The triumph of death"

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31 Gennaio 2019

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Itinerary “The triumph of death”

Itinerary “The triumph of death”

Itinerary “The Triumph of Death”: discovering four places of the Kalsa that conceal powerful depictions of death Appointment Sunday 3 February at 11 am Duration: about 2 hours Cost 12 euros Reservations required.

Exploring places where death, its depiction, its symbology or the uses and activities associated with it are the glue of this walk, allows you to observe the beauty of ancient compositions, spaces of memory and places not known, to find the sensitivity of those men who have shaped this theme over the centuries. It will start from ‘The Triumph of Death’ attributed to a Catalan master and painted in Palazzo Sclafani, but today in Palazzo Abatellis, of very strong emotional impact in the figure of the skeleton-knight, in a wonderful inhabited garden, where the psychological and human resonance of the manifestation of death translates into expressions of amazement, terror, disbelief, fear of all subjects.

Successive stage, characterized by an austere prospect, in via Alloro, the Church of the Coachmen, from the staircase obtained in the floor of the church leads to the crypt, of about 150 square meters, extends under the church and part of the road; It has well maintained its original appearance, as this environment was used as a place of worship first by the brotherhood of the Carrettieri and after 1590 by that of the Cocchieri, beyond the niches and the colatoio, there are decorative elements and wall paintings.

It is among the largest crypts in the city. The route will continue, crossing several streets that recall the ancient crafts of the city until reaching the particular origin of the alley of death, in the heart of Piazza Garraffaello, penultimate stage, prelude to the Church of Santa Maria degli Agonizzanti, dating back to 1508, the confreres who here they had their headquarters, they fulfilled the task of spiritually assisting those condemned to death with fasts and prayers during the three days preceding their execution.

Source: palermotoday.it

With “The Triumph of Death”, Palermo seals its still little known wonders, a city of a thousand resources, cultural, artistic, culinary and landscape, if you also want to visit Palermo but do not know where to stay, the bed and breafast Palermo, Federico Secondo is your ideal residence for your holiday in Palermo.

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