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B&B Federico Secondo

07 Marzo 2019

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An itinerary to discover the mythical Palermo

An itinerary to discover the mythical Palermo

Stories and legends of knights, holy heroines and patrons: an itinerary to discover the mythical Palermo

Stories and legends of knights, holy heroines and patron: Saturday, March 9th with the project InItinere di Serena and Giovanna Gebbia you go to the discovery of stories, curiosities and traditions with an entertaining itinerary for children and fascinating for adults.

The ingredients are all there: the mythical places of the Norman and medieval Palermo and the sparkling and heroic puppets of the Silver Family that animates the theater of Palazzo Asmundo, with the master puppets that since 1893 and five generations handed down the art and craftsmanship of the construction and representation of the vicissitudes of the paladins of France.

The route starts at 16.30 from Piazza del Parlamento, in front of the Palazzo dei Normanni, protagonist of the first stage of the story: from the Arab Caliphs to the Royal Ruggero and Federico, between historical events and curious anecdotes.

It then continues with the stories and the stories related to the ancient palm grove of Villa Bonanno, up to the Cathedral where the effigies of the patron saints, heroines of the ancient age, will be told as extraordinary tales to the children present, finally ending in front of the stage of the celebrate Rinaldo and Bradamante at the Silver Theater where a performance by Opera dei Pupi will be staged, followed by a tasty snack.

To participate in the event you need to book at 393 6655232 or at gebbiaserena@gmail.com, buying a ticket of 12 euros for adults and 10 euros for children (age recommended from 4 to 12 years) and for accompanying parents.

Tickets include theatrical performance, snack and tourist guide with regular license with audiotour.

Where: Meeting in Piazza del Parlamento (under the ARS) – Palermo
When: 9 March 2019
From 16.30 to 18.45
Cost: 12 euros (adults), 10 euros (accompanying children and parents)
Contacts: Reservations at 393 6655232 or at gebbiaserena@gmail.com

source: Balarm.it

Right in the center of the legendary Palermo Norman, our bed and breakfast Federico Secondo is born, an intimate, reserved and comfortable place.
Large rooms with breathtaking views behind the cathedral of Palermo and a king’s breakfast will make your stay in Palermo a true fairytale experience.

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