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Exhibition Leonardo da Vinci at Palazzo Bonocore

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25 Aprile 2019

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Exhibition Leonardo da Vinci at Palazzo Bonocore

Exhibition Leonardo da Vinci at Palazzo Bonocore

Exhibition Leonardo da Vinci at Palazzo Bonocore, from 13 April to 29 September 2019
Leonardo da Vinci in Palermo: machines, drawings and anatomy on display at Palazzo Bonocore

Where: Palazzo Bonocore, Piazza Pretoria, 2
When: From 04/13/2019 to 09/29/2019
Price: 12 euros whole | 10 euros reduced

In the five hundredth anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, Palermo also celebrates the Italian genius with an exhibition at Palazzo Bonocore, from April 13th to September 29th. “Leonardo da Vinci, the Reason for Feelings. Machines, Drawings and Anatomy “is the title of the exhibition, organized by Navigare Srl and curated by Professor Alberto D’Atanasio, which represents a unique opportunity to admire and understand the extraordinary complexity of the Genius in painting his time, undisputed symbol of Italian art and creativity and unanimously considered the most important among the protagonists of culture, not only of the Renaissance but of all times and of the whole world.

“Leonardo da Vinci, the Reason of Feelings” is an unpublished exhibition due to its spectacular nature that offers the visitor the story of Leonardo’s genius, his science and eclecticism in the various disciplines. An exhibition project that embraces the concept of “edutainment”, that is the realization of a kind of cultural entertainment and “family oriented”, formative and spectacular. Visitors large and small can have fun and learn, discovering with curiosity the fundamental principles studied by Leonardo and still applied today. The aim of the exhibition is to make the public interact with it to understand what Leonardo has left us as a legacy. It is a unique exhibition model to live an educational experience and an innovative and unforgettable lesson.

Painting, sculpture, architecture, Leonardo da Vinci left traces of his ideas through sketches, drawings, written notes and in notebooks, notebooks and tables, notebooks throughout his life, which represent a testimony of an extraordinary man who envies the world. The coupons can already be purchased at Palazzo Bonocore, in Piazza Pretoria, and the cost of entry for the visit of “Leonardo da Vinci, the Reason for Feelings. Machines, Drawings and Anatomy “, will be € 12 full ticket; reduced to € 10 for over 65 and teaching and educational staff of the Ministry of Education; reduced to € 8 for young people up to the age of 18, university students, groups, the disabled and agreements; free up to 5 years.

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