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Villas, Gardens and Parks in Palermo

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29 Agosto 2019

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Villas, Gardens and Parks in Palermo

Villas, Gardens and Parks in Palermo

The green in Palermo is situated above all in its vegetative setting that has called it “Conca D’Oro”. There are not many green areas in the city, except for the Parco della Favorita at the foot of Monte Pellegrino. Other green spaces are more in character than Ville e Giardini, some of considerable interest such as the Botanical Gardens or the refined Parco D’Orleans and the English Garden. Features other villas such as the Giulia with its geometric shapes and one of the famous Geni of Palermo or La Villa Trabia and Malfitano. In short, what is there is certainly of great value and it is worth visiting and above all knowing better.

Botanical Garden
The birth of the Botanical Garden of Palermo dates back to the last years of the XVIII century. The Botanical Garden houses a collection of over 12000 different species of living plants cultivated in the open ground, all arranged according to systematic criteria, you can admire wonderful specimens of Ficus Magnolioides , of Dracene, of Aloe, of Araucarie Columnares

Villa Giulia
Villa Giulia is a public garden of Palermo, adjacent to the Botanical Garden
Johann Wolfgang Goethe once called it “the most wonderful corner of the earth” and it is here that – during his visits to Palermo – he stopped to read Homer.

Villa Garibaldi
It is a public garden of Palermo, inside the flowerbeds, variable in shape and size, there are different species of tropical and subtropical plants such as Araucarias, Washingtonias, Hibiscus and the monumental Ficus (Ficus Magnolioides, Ficus beniamina) that for the dimensions and the development achieved by the branches and aerial roots, are among the most admired elements of the square.

English garden
The English garden is a public park located in the heart of the city of Palermo, in Via Libertà. Designed in 1851 by the architect Giovan Battista Filippo Basile, it is a succession of hills and small valleys, a place of peace and true harmony, where our children find space

Villa Malfitano Whitaker
A true masterpiece of refinement, architectural elegance and decorative richness: one of those places that cannot be excluded to visit if you come to Palermo, a superb residence where you can breathe an atmosphere that takes you back in time, when elegance, the wealth and good taste went hand in hand.

Villa Trabia
It is a historic villa of classic Palermo style. An eighteenth-century building that includes a seventeenth-century park adorned with magnolias, palms, conifers, exotic plants, benches, statues and fountains, located in a central area of ​​Palermo, in Via Antonino Salinas

Villa d’Orleans
It is an urban park in Palermo, located in Via Re Ruggero, right next to Piazza Indipendenza and the Palazzo dei Normanni, adjacent to the Palazzo d’Orléans, managed by the Sicilian Region. An urban park, transformed in the sixties into ornithological. A relaxing place for children

Favorita Park
The large park of the Favorita, whose extension amounts to about 400 hectares, was built by Ferdinando di Borbone during his first stay in Palermo, from 1798 to 1802 and is the largest green area of ​​the municipality of Palermo. It is located within the Monte Pellegrino oriented nature reserve

Auditorium Park
The Uditore park is an urban park in Palermo, located in the neighborhood of the same name.
A place to meet and exchange, an urban laboratory where culture can circulate freely and new lifestyles based on well-being and solidarity sprout.
It is a place where you can find peace and contact with Nature.

Parco Ninni Cassarà
The Ninni Cassarà park is a park in Palermo, the second largest city, temporarily closed due to the presence of asbestos under the surface

Foro Italico
The Foro Italico is a large green area built on the waterfront of the city of Palermo and extends from the Cala to Villa Giulia. Also called since ancient times “Passeggiata della Marina” is a place for recreation, where you can walk, play in the meadow and enjoy a beautiful view of the Gulf of Palermo

Health Park
a public park without barriers, where to play or play sports safely.
A vast green area equipped, where sporting activities are promoted for everyone, with a space dedicated to children, a football field, fitness areas, environmental educational paths for students and a botanical garden

City of the boys
A large green park tailored to our children and teenagers. A small city where you can give vent to creativity, culture, play, intelligent fun of our children

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