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Autumn in the sign of Unesco

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19 Settembre 2019

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Autumn in the sign of Unesco

Autumn in the sign of Unesco

Autumn in the sign of Unesco: 13 places to see between Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù

From Palermo to Monreale passing through Cefalù: between white nights, a free guide, visits and events we will discover 13 places for #SettembreUnesco

The time has come to make the most of thirteen places that, even if they are not registered in the Arab-Norman route of Palermo, Cefalù and Monreale, fall by history, appearance and cultural impact in that Unesco branded circuit of which nine monuments are part: we are talking about Norman solace , Arabic qanat, medieval churches, thermal baths (and much more).

The immense patrimony is therefore the heart of the #SettembreUnesco project an itinerary, scheduled from September 14th to 29th, which is told to visitors, site by site, with events, events and the White Nights (27, 28 and 29 September).

The Arab Norman serial site of UNESCO is not a plaque, an umbrella, a medal to hang on the chest and remains there, rather it is an idea: to enhance, tell and highlight what is the authentic soul of Palermo, Monreale , Cefalù and, why not, also Cefalà Diana.

A syncretic soul, made up of stratified cultures that speak a single language of tolerance, participation and civil coexistence. For this reason, on the day when the fourth “birthday” of the inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage List falls, an extended and complete itinerary is presented, which has all the cards in place to enter a space and time circuit, as well as that tourist, that settles comfortably in corolla of the nine monuments already recognized.

Among the many events scheduled, we talk about the ancient Favara or Maredolce, quoted by Ibn Giubayr (September 14th and 15th) and we are witnessing very special and fascinating videomapping in various monuments (from 23 to 26) to then close with the now usual and expected White Night of Unesco monuments in the last weekend of the month.

The places: civil and religious buildings, works of great genius and artistic value that with their unique and exceptional character, the result of the mixture of artistic and heterogeneous languages ​​(Islamic, Byzantine, Latin), are able to represent the Norman Arab art .

What are: to the nine of the Arab-Norman route with the Unesco mark are then added the fortifications of the Castello a Mare, the recovered building and the extraordinary park of the amusement park of Maredolce which is connected by bird’s eye to the remains of the Uscibene, the small and austere church of Santa Maria Maddalena inside the Carabinieri barracks, as well as La Cuba and again, the majestic and perfect SS. Trinità alla Magione, Cuba Soprana, in the abandoned garden of Villa Napoli and, a short distance away, the Cubula.

Also: the chapel of Santa Maria dell’Incoronata behind the Cathedral, San Giovanni dei Lebbrosi (formerly part of the tourist circuits) the medieval churches preserved as Santo Spirito (church of the Vespers) and Santa Cristina la Vetere.

Under the city run the Qanat and, out of town, they are a beautiful discovery, the baths of Cefalà Diana. Thirteen in all that demonstrate Arab-Norman characteristics and have been part of the candidacy dossier drawn up for Unesco since the first hour, but which – each for its typology, its history, its integrity, its conservation, the surrounding environment, but also the fruition for the public – has not been judged suitable.

The #SettembreUnesco project is a summary of events, guided tours, conferences and events that will take place from September 14th to 29th in the thirteen monuments not yet registered.

Source Balarm.it

An autumn full of surprises and events what you are about to set up in Palermo, and more and more tourists choose the Sicilian capital as a destination for their holidays or simply for a single weekend during which to visit the city.

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