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28 Novembre 2019

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A month of events for Palermo’s Christmas: it’s Mimmo Cuticchio’s gift to the city

A month of events for Palermo’s Christmas: it’s Mimmo Cuticchio’s gift to the city

Traditional shows with cunti and puppets, a new production “Alì Babà and the 40 ladroni”, two video projections and an exhibition: a month of events in via Bara all’Olivella

The month of traditional shows, cunti, special evenings, exhibitions, meetings and videoprojects that the master Mimmo Cuticchio and the Figli d’Arte Cuticchio association organize from Saturday 30 November to the Theater will be a gift to the city of Palermo. dei Pupi and in the nearby Laboratory of via Bara all’Olivella in Palermo.

“Between the paths of the Opra” brings together the traditional shows, starting with the Orlando cycle from birth to his death, the cito of the maestro Mimmo Cuticchio and also a new production “Alì Babà and the 40 thieves”, which takes up the path of the “A thousand and one nights”, conceived by Cuticchio as a “special evening” for the public of children, but not only.

A way to combine western and eastern culture and also take up the theme of the coexistence of diversity, multiculturalism and peace that is also the basis of the exhibition set up in the Laboratorio di via Bara from 7 to 30 December (open every day from 10 am at 13) entitled “Paladins and Saracens together for a Christmas of peace”: the puppets will be exhibited without their swords in the name of peace.

«The month of December – they say from the Figli d’Arte Cuticchio association – represents the culmination of an intense year of work and the premise of a new project for the coming year. Thanks to the festive atmosphere at the end of the year, the desire to let the spectators share the pleasure of living our theater business intensely, within an ancient tradition, is even stronger at this time ».

The program starts on November 30th at 6.30pm with the “Adventures of Orlandino” (also on Sunday December 1st at 6.30pm): the myth of the great invincible hero of Orlando. Legend has it that from an early age, despite the painful distance from his father Milone, he showed what fabric was made.

It continues on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 December, at 6.30 pm with “First businesses of Orlando”: Orlando’s warrior initiation in the battles of Aspromone maintains a great importance in the popular tradition.

The appointment on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 December at 18.30 is with “The madness of Orlando”: when Orlando discovers that Angelica loves another, one who is not a hero but is simply beautiful, goes mad and his madness is a madness violent fury, behind which no glimpse can be seen. Only the intervention of the supernatural can heal him from the spell of love and jealousy.

To end with the fourth and last appointment of the cycle of traditional shows on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 December at 18.30. “The death of Orlando”: the causes of the defeat and death of Orlando range from the betrayal of Gano of Magonza, Carlo Magno’s brother-in-law, to the mad daring of the hero.

The traditional shows show, in four episodes, the heroic deeds but also the moments of fragility of the first paladin. Everything with live music, written by Giacomo Cuticchio and interpreted by Giacomo Cuticchio Ensemble: violins Marco Badami and Filippo Di Maggio, sax Nicola Mogavero and Gehanghir Baghchighi, trombone: Fabio Piro.

The review also incorporates the work of Mimmo Cuticchio on the “Thousand and One Nights” and provides for a new production, a “special evening” such as those that, starting from the last twenty years of the nineteenth century, the most committed oppressors began to include in the their programs, offering the public different stories from the traditional Carolingian cycle.

This is the case for the debut “Alì Babà and the 40 thieves” which debuts Saturday 28 December at 18.30 at the Teatro dei Pupi in via Bara all’Olivella (with replicas on 29 and 30 December at the same time). A show that borders on the classic of tradition to share the game, the culture, the spaces, the rules, without more barriers and marginalization due to cultural, ethnic, religious, language, color and gender differences.

Thursday 19 and Thursday 26 December at 18.30 appointment with the cito of Mimmo Cuticchio in the Laboratory of via Bara all’Olivella: “Aladdin and his magic lamp” is built by Mimmo Cuticchio as an extraordinary event and proposed to an audience of boys and girls. adults.

In addition to the exhibition “Paladins and Saracens together for a Christmas of peace”, there are also two video projections in the Via Bara all’Olivella Laboratory: “L’infanzia d’Orlando” on Thursday 5 December at 6 pm and “L ‘ scream of the monster “Thursday 12 December at 6pm. Meetings are an essential element of the program. Focused on the shows, they become the occasion for a meta-narrative reflection around some representations that constituted a significant turning point for the Opera dei Pupi.

Mimmo Cuticchio tells the public about the actuality of his work as a puppeteer, the need to cross over from the traditional repertoire, considered as a base on which to embed his experimentation, in the name of the union between ancient and contemporary, between language and dialect, between classicism and modernity.

Here is the complete program of the whole event. Tickets for shows and events: 5 euros for children, 10 euros for adults, free admission for the exhibition and video projections. Reservations on 091 323400

We at the Federico second bed and breakfast are waiting for you to offer you a king’s stay, in the beautiful city of Palermo, today with special offers designed for you!

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