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05 Dicembre 2019

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Concerts and video mapping in the churches of Palermo

Concerts and video mapping in the churches of Palermo

Concerts and video mapping in the churches of Palermo: so Christmas becomes super “pop”

It is called “Extasis” and it is the cultural project set up to color the city churches in the name of culture. The program of the event and the places concerned

Eight concerts, a major exhibition dedicated to the treasures of the churches of Ciminna, a video mapping project of the interiors of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria and a liturgical celebration with Gregorian chants. They are the ingredients of “Extasis”, a cultural project that will light up Christmas in Palermo throughout the month of December.

“Extasis” is inserted in the wider manifestation of “Invisibilia”, the review of the diocese of Palermo dedicated to the enhancement and the correct fruition of art born for prayer. Now in its third edition, the itinerary for the first time will be distributed throughout the liturgical year.

“For Christmas – said Monsignor Giuseppe Bucaro, director of the Cultural Heritage office of the diocese – we wanted to bind ourselves above all to music. The concerts will be performed in different churches in the city. We have paid great attention to the choice of spaces, trying to involve the inhabitants of the historic center. It is important that they understand that they live within beauty. In this sense the multimedia experiment of “Extasis” in Santa Caterina will highlight the wonder of a spatiality interwoven with light, an earthly image of the heavenly city “.

The project is signed by Vincenzo Montanelli and the “Ignazio Florio” association, created in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese and the support of the Regional Tourism Department, which aims at the seasonal adjustment of the flows, as explained by the regional councilor for Tourism Manlio Messina.

“From this point of view – he said – we decided to increase resources and propose 50 events of international importance throughout the island. I thank the Curia of Palermo and also the other Sicilian dioceses that, supporting the government’s tourism policies, have made their precious cultural assets available to the public. The funds were awarded on the basis of a tender which, by requiring joint participation in the events, rewarded the quality. No more rainfalls and events from one day to the next, but an innovative journey that allows us to attract tourist flows throughout the months of the year “.

The first appointment is for Saturday 7 December at 12 in the Church of Santa Caterina with the opening concert of the Orchestra and the multi-ethnic children’s choir “Quattrocanti”, directed by Pietro Marchese, teacher of the choir Valentina Casesa. The other events will take place respectively on days 14, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 28 and 29 December.

Here is the complete schedule of appointments.
source Balarm.it

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