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Santa Caterina in an unedited version

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27 Dicembre 2019

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Santa Caterina in an unedited version

Santa Caterina in an unedited version

An immersive show of sounds and 360 ° visions that enhances the magnificence of one of the most beautiful churches in Palermo: the grand finale for “Exstasis” which ends in beauty with a video mapping in the church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria.

“Exstasis”, a cultural project that lights up Palermo’s Christmas throughout the month of December and which involves the most beautiful churches in the historic center (we talked about it here), bears the signature of Vincenzo Montanelli and of the Ignazio Florio association and is realized in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese and the support of the Regional Tourism Department in the context of “Invisibilia”, an exhibition desired and curated by the Diocese of Palermo in order to involve citizens in a more correct and intense use of the art born for prayer.

An opportunity to admire the jewel of the Palermitan Baroque in a new and unrepeatable guise: technology at the service of one of the greatest expressions of faith and devotion of the city, to discover the spiritual roots of beauty and its hidden meanings.

The church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria is part of the splendid architectural complex overlooking Piazza Bellini and Piazza Pretoria, built at the end of the sixteenth century at the behest of Maria del Carretto, prioress of the Dominican monastery, on the site of a fourteenth-century place of worship .

It was renovated several times and embellished with works by the best artists of the time: the majestic dome was added in the eighteenth century, in 1863 the choir was built while the facade is in late Renaissance style.

The interiors are enriched by the frescoes by Francesco Sozzi and Alessandro D’Anna from 1769, by the decorations of the vault by Filippo Randazzo, by the precious stuccos by Procopio Serpotta and Giacomo Guastella and by a splendid statue depicting Saint Catherine made in 1534 by Antonello Gagini.

«The first video mapping of a church in Sicily starts from Palermo – explains Vincenzo Montanelli – in a jewel of inestimable beauty, enriched and embellished by the majesty of the graphics and visual designers we have involved. This event marks the beginning of a new era and a new international project on video mapping ».

«The” Exstasis “project – concludes Montanelli – was born from the desire to combine tradition and innovation, environment and territory, tourism and culture: themes with a single common denominator, that is beauty».

The Odd Agency video mapping – which has already carried out similar projects in Palermo on monuments such as the Zisa castle, the Norman palace, the botanical garden, the Spasimo and the Salinas museum – enhances all these decorative elements embellishing them with sounds, images and lights specially designed for the church.

As the Odd Agency co-founder Fabrizio Pedone explains, “these” monumental “projects arise from research on the past of the monument and from a careful architectural survey. Whether it’s a prospect, a garden or an interior, our goal is always to bring the spirit of places back to life, making visible the history and the stories, myths and legends that characterize each monument and form its essence that goes beyond the visible, transforming all this into a fascinating story that we make alive through the use of every technology ».

To access the video mapping (side entrance in Piazza Bellini), scheduled from 18.30 to 23, you need to buy the 5 euro ticket online on the event website.
Church of Santa Caterina

Piazza Bellini 2 – 90133 Palermo

Where: Church of Santa Caterina – Palermo
When: From 28 to 29 December 2019, from 18.30 to 23.00 (every 30 minutes)
Cost: 5 euros
Info: Tickets can also be purchased online on the event website or at the box office of the church of Santa Caterina (side entrance in Piazza Bellini)

Source Balarm.it

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