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you can enter the Salinas museum for free

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02 Gennaio 2020

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One first Sunday of the month between music and guided visits: you can enter the Salinas museum for free

One first Sunday of the month between music and guided visits: you can enter the Salinas museum for free

With the new year comes a new appointment with the beauty of art and live music at the Salinas museum in Palermo: Sunday 5 January as every first Sunday of the month admission is free and two special guided visits to the museum’s collections are scheduled and at the exhibition “When the statues dream”.

The two visits – at 11 and 12 – are led by a specialized CoopCulture archaeologist are an opportunity to discover the wonders kept inside the Salinas: history and works of the oldest civilizations in the world in the most important and ancient public museum institution Island.

And they are also an opportunity to admire the exhibition “When the statues dream” by the director of the Salinas museum, Caterina Greco, and the art critic Helga Marsala (we talked about it here): an exhibition that everything exceptional brings to light rooms, artifacts from the Bourbon period, works so far preserved in deposits, restored interiors of the former monastery of the Philippine Fathers.

All finds and testimonies of a bygone era that enter into dialogue with the works of contemporary artists: the votive heads of Cales; the Menade under the extraordinary seventeenth-century painted wooden ceiling; Scianna’s 1984 photos that tell Borges by now blind who skims the sculptures trying to read the outlines; the contemporary works of Alessandro Roma (Milan, 1977), Guido Bisagni (Alessandria, 1978) and Fabio Sandri (Valdagno, 1964).

Starting from 12 noon to the fourth appointment with music in the museum’s minor cloister which this time sees the Moscla Trio as protagonist: Sergio Schifano, Luca La Russa and Federico Mordino offer a repertoire focused on improvisation and strongly inspired by sound research.

Original compositions developed from melodic and contrapuntal ideas, loops and sound mantras, plus some songs stolen from the jazz and pop tradition with revisited arrangements.

Their harmony developed over the years and the result of constant collaboration in multiple musical projects, is expressed live in a continuous exchange of ideas, making the interplay both lively and playful, both intimate and meditative (free admission to the concert, until exhaustion) of available places).

On the occasion of the Sunday opening, moreover, the Cafè Culture del Salinas proposes the Taste-it formula: with a ticket of 10 euros you can taste a delicious selection of excellent local products, offered in recipes that pay homage to the tradition of the island . All accompanied by a glass of fine wine from the best wineries in the area.

Regional archaeological museum “Antonino Salinas” – Palermo
When: January 5, 2020 | From 11.00 to 14.00
Free entry to the museum; the guided tour costs € 5; the concert is free admission as long as seats are available
Info and reservations for visits at 091 7489995.
Tasting info and concert at 345 7765493

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A first Sunday of the month and the new year awaits you in Palermo, art, culture, meetings and much more.
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