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Valentine's Day 2020 at the Torre di San Nicolò

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13 Febbraio 2020

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Valentine’s Day 2020 at the Torre di San Nicolò

Valentine’s Day 2020 at the Torre di San Nicolò

Torre di San Nicolò, Valentine’s Day by candlelight with breathtaking views of Palermo

Valentine’s Day 2020 at the Torre di San Nicolò

Valentine’s day by candlelight on the roofs of Palermo. Evening visits to the medieval tower of San Nicolò, welcome drink, poem fishing, a sweet gift. Appointment for Friday 14 February in via Nunzio Nasi, 18 in Ballarò.

The wonderful evening view of the city of Palermo, which can be enjoyed from the terrace of the medieval tower of San Nicolò, the light of candles, a welcome toast, a peach poems, will be the setting for the most romantic evening of the year. The shifts will last an hour, to allow you to participate in the assisted visits, observe the view and take photos. For this particular occasion, the Tower will be lit by many candles. Love seen from above: candlelight Valentine’s night on the roofs of Palermo The appointment with the evening visits to the medieval tower of San Nicolò, to celebrate the night of lovers is Friday, February 14 2020 from 5 pm, in via Nunzio Nasi, 18 (a few steps from the historic Ballarò market). Reservations required, by writing an email to eventi @ terradamare, org. Ticket € 5. Available shifts: 17: 00,18: 00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00. In collaboration with the historic Le Carube Terranova factory, master candy makers since 1890.
Program of the evening

welcome drink
ascent to the Tower
assisted visit
the most beautiful view of Palermo
a peach of poems
a sweet tribute
love seen from above

The € 5 ticket refers to the cost of the ticket for the assisted visit to the Tower up to the terrace, from which it will be possible to admire the night panorama of the historic center of Palermo.
Tower of San Nicolò di Bari at the Albergheria

Attached to the church is a slender quadrangular construction with well squared ashlars, it is the 14th-century civic tower that was part of the city’s defensive system. Built by the universitas of Palermo to defend the walls of the “Cassaro”, it was not part of the structures of the church but was free and isolated.

“Tower of excellence”, perhaps the tallest in Palermo, having lost the meaning of defense, wanted to soften it and lose its austere appearance, applying them to the second level of the mullioned windows enriched by an inlay frame. The tower, divided into four levels, was built with large ashlars, using squared tufaceous boulders, which give it a rigorous and severe line.

Surely, among the main elements that characterize the Tower, is the superb landscape that you can admire from its terrace, from right to left, the monuments of the historic center of Palermo: Dome of the Carmine Maggiore Church and Ballarò Market, Cupola Church of Jesus , dome of the Church of Santa Caterina D’Alessandria, dome of the Church of San Giuseppe dei Teatini, Castello Utvegio and Monte Pellegrino, dome of the Church of Sant’Ignazio, Teatro Massimo, dome of the Santissimo Salvatore church, dome of the Church of Santa Chiara, Liceo Benedetto Croce (ex Fatebenefratelli Hospital), Conte Federico Palace, Sclafani Palace, Cathedral, Porta Nuova, Royal Palace, Church of San Giuseppe Cafasso, Church of San Francesco Saverio.f

Where: San Nicolò Tower, Via Nasi Nunzio, 18
When: 02/14/2020 from 17 to 23
Price: 5 euros
Theme: Valentine’s day

Source: palermotoday.it

A winter 2020 full of surprises and events what is taking place in Palermo, and more and more tourists choose the Sicilian capital as a destination for their holidays or simply for a single weekend during which to visit the city.
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