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Sicily is more beautiful than any woman

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20 Febbraio 2020

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Sicily is more beautiful than any woman: the Washington Post recommends it for a trip

Sicily is more beautiful than any woman: the Washington Post recommends it for a trip

The famous newspaper recommends Sicily as a tourist destination for the next holidays because it is the perfect mix of culture, excellent food and an enchanting scenery

Why should your next vacation be in Sicily? So the Washington Post headlines an article published on January 29th. In the background, the image of some visitors taking a boat ride on the wonderful Ortygia Island.

The most widespread and oldest newspaper in Washington gives some advice to its readers on the many reasons why it would be right to spend the next holidays in Sicily, reasons related to culture, climate, economic convenience and even the Sicilian dialect.

First of all “Why go” (“Why go”): in the US newspaper we read that “Sicilian culture has been strongly shaped by adversity: plagues, earthquakes, wars, slavery, riots and volcanic eruptions have played outsized roles in its dramatic story ».

And again: “The dizzying succession of various conquerors and kingdoms on the island has left fascinating architectural remains, including some of the ancient Greek ruins, the best that have been preserved in the world. In addition, the food is excellent and the scenery is enchanting ».

Regarding the “When to go”, the US newspaper recommends three different periods depending on the tolerance of visitors to the heat, so: for a sunny but not too hot period, the month of April is preferable, while October is ideal for those willing to take a few more showers during their stay. Besides, summer is fantastic for beach lovers, but it’s crowded.

The logistical aspect of the trip should also not be underestimated because to land on the Island, a direct flight to Rome is enough, and then a short connection to Palermo or Catania. According to the Washington Post, the best way to visit Sicily is by renting a car: driving on the main roads is easily manageable.

And then as the local language and traditions are important, the Washington Post does not exempt itself from teaching potential future visitors to Sicily the “typical local greeting” by advising patrons to greet the locals using a very nice “salutamu” instead of the classic “hello” because – one reads – «the learning of some Sicilian words will be appreciated».

Finally, there are the classic references to the history of the Sicilian mafia and, under the label “Eat this” (the “eat this”), the guide can only advise you to taste the arancine, the aubergines in all its versions, especially the caponata, bucatini with sardines and cannoli.

The article ends with a famous quote from Truman Capote: “Sicily is more beautiful than any woman”. And at this point it would be appropriate to say: Well, if you say so !.

Source: Balarm.it

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